Krazy Kraut Testimonials


“All I can say is WOW!! I bought some of this this past weekend and it is a miracle worker!!
I have had bad stomach issues all my life doctor’s have yet to find the best treatment I’ve tried healthy ways to treat it as well…even tried Trader Joes Kraut to no avail! I didn’t expect anything when I ate some right outta the Jar (I love Kraut) much to my shock my stomach issue RESOLVED!! I’m your no.1 fan now!”

-Amber B., Columbus, OH
“Such a great product!! Tastes fantastic and is so good for you!!”
-Terry H., Columbus, OH
“Absolutely in love with your fennel beets!”
-Julie G., Columbus, OH
“I have been on probiotic capsules for over a year with little change to my digestive challenges.
Bought three jars of your kraut, and have noticed immediate significant improvements….”

-Steve S., Columbus, OH
“Wonderful product, I don’t know how I ever lived without it….. Thank you Krazy Kraut!”
-Barbara N., Columbus, OH
“Just tried your original dill – addictively delicious – I had to keep going back to the jar.”
-Michele A.
“Oh my gosh, your original dill is delicious!
I bought some to try, as I’ve always loved sauerkraut (my first solid food as a baby, even!),
and I liked that yours was fermented and it had other veggies as well.
Really amazing – I’ll have to buy a bigger size when I run out!”

-Alexandra T.
“Just tried a jar of Krazy Kraut’s spicey curried kim chee, which immediately won nomination for most multi-nuanced most flavourful most exciting thing that has ever happened inside my mouth. I ate the first fifth straight out of the jar. Gut brains feeling really happy today too.”
-Steve C.
“I just made the Krazy Kim Chee Coconut Soup on your recipe page. I didn’t have any of the optional items, but it didn’t matter, this soup is sooooo good. I wanted to chill it but it smelled so good I ate it hot. Hot soup in August??? Yes, it’s that good. YUM!”
-Lisa D.

Krazy Kraut reply: “A few ice cubes can chill the mix quickly, that way you can retain the probiotics, fyi.
“Burn” – Response is the tongue/mouth feeling of temp heat and happens at above 112 degrees F, which is the high temp for probiotics survival.
Obviously they live in us so what temp makes them happy/survive is the same for us (a major “WOW” moment of realization for me at one time) “

“We bought 2 jars of your spicy kim chee when were we visiting Worthington OH last week and brought it back to Philadelphia. I’m enjoying some for breakfast today (yes breakfast) it’s delicious! I don’t know what I’m going to when I eat it all! Thank you for a great product!”
-Jim O., Philly, PA
“Just had my first container of your kim chee, purchased at Market House in Meadville.
It is fantastic – you’ve got yourself a loyal customer!”

-Richard S., Market House patron, Meadville, PA
-Collen S.
“I love the Original Dill kraut. Been eating this stuff at least every other day since October and, no joke, I’ve not been sick one time. Prior, I caught every bug my daughter did, so this is huge. I’m sure most the parents out there can appreciate how hard it is to be up with a sick kid all night when you’re sick too. I’ve been trying to get my daughter to eat her kraut with not much success. Then yesterday, to my utter surprise and excitement, she asked for her own when she saw me putting kraut on my salad. And she gobbled it up! I’m hoping she’ll start eating kraut with me regularly so she can enjoy fewer cold bugs as well. Thanks for the awesome kraut yum-yums!”
– Michelle K
“The Krazy Kimchi is addicting! Love it!”
-Amy L.
“I just made the Krazy Kim Chee Coconut Soup on your recipe page. I didn’t have any of the optional items, but it didn’t matter, this soup is sooooo good. I wanted to chill it but it smelled so good I ate it hot. Hot soup in August??? Yes, it’s that good. YUM!”
-Lisa D.
“Picked up a jar of KK on the way home from work last night, and fell in love with it when I tried the kraut!! My new addiction it would seem. Got it at Lucky’s Indie market in Clintonville. Glad you got shelf space there. It would be super if you could make a list here on your FB page of all your products and what markets are carrying them. I would love to try everything you make!!! Thank you for diving into this wonderful food and making it available for folks.”
-Rita R.
“I think I’m a little obsessed with the Kraut. The toddler and I just took turns eating it from the jar….”
-Morgan B.
“Krazy Kraut makes it to Hawaii…Best Kraut Ever.
2 quarts survived the 4507 miles in a suitcase! Thank you Andy!” -Diana H. — at Lanakai, Oahu.
“What a special find at the Worthington Farmer’s Market.
Really an incredible and delicious product. Thanks Andy, hope to meet you next time…”

-Beate W.
“Wow! Just had the Curry Kraut! Amazing, bro.”
-Rob Y.
“I have to tell you that your product is AMAZING!!!!
I am so happy you are selling it at Bexley Natural Market. It truly is unlike anything I’ve ever tasted. I just bought my second jar( the last one there btw ) since Friday! Had to show you some love!!:)”

-Nicole T.
“Love, love, love your fermented kraut.”
-Carole B.
“Our family has two children who both crave the high mineral/vitamin/microbe content of Krazy Kraut.
The kids both have had significant compromised immunity medical issues (involving surgery) and had illnesses regularly until they started taking fermented foods as Krazy Kraut et al, and since have made almost an entire reversal with next to no illness and/or immunity issues. HAPPINESS!!!!”

-Family with young children at Clintonville Community Market.
“Got the dill today! 1st time I ever got my daughter to eat kraut! You ROCK!”
-Renee M.
“Oh my gosh! I just found your Kraut at Health Foods Unlimited in Dayton.
By far the best kraut I’ve ever had! I bought the original flavor ~ love me some dill!
Thanks for a fabulous healthy product!”

-Melissa D.
“I recently got a jar of your Krazy Kraut – and it’s honestly one of the most delicious things I’ve ever tasted!”
– Jared S.
“Add me to your growing list of fans! I want the incredible health benefits of fermented foods, but I am a supertaster that has never had any real sauerkraut that I truly enjoyed… until I tried your Krazy Kraut, “The Original Dill”. I just adore it!!! I can not wait to try your other flavors! I found mine at Health Foods Unlimited in Dayton. Thank you, Krazy Kraut.”
– Becky H.
“First tried this delicious Krazy Kraut at the Earth Day event at the Crest this past week…Absolutely love it!, fresh. vibrant and wholesome flavor and yummy healthy ingredients designed to be good to your body and your taste buds…a Must try for kraut and kim chee lovers everywhere!! Can’t wait to get my next jar!”
– Catherine S.
“I just ordered a quart of your Krazy Kraut Original Dill from Frankferd Farms.
It arrived yesterday evening and the kids and I devoured it. It is all gone!!! It is amazing!!”

-Casey W.
“Such explosive flavor! My 2 year old absolutely loves the original dill and asks for mommy’s special vegetables at the end of every meal. Thanks for providing something so healthy and yet so great tasting that even my children enjoy it.”
– Gracia
“This Kraut is awesome on a salad, right out of the jar, as a condiment or as a side. Love love love it!”
– Sandra