Millet with Krazy Kurry

2 cups Millet
1/2 to 1 pint Krazy Kurry
1 can Coconut Milk
Agave Nectar (sweeten to taste)

Prepare the two cups millet, let cool to 113 degrees, add Krazy Kurry, coconut milk, and agave.

Makes an awesome side dish served with fish or stir-fry veggies.

Probiotic Borscht w/ Fennel Beet Krazy Kraut

1/2 medium Red Cabbage
3-5 Beets (with Greens)
One Fennel bulb (with Greens)
One large Turnip
3-5 Carrots
One large sweet Onion
10 cloves of Garlic
One pint Fennel Beet Krazy Kraut
Sour Cream
Beef soup bone(optional)
Sea salt
Agave nectar(optional)

In a large pot boil water. Add beef soup bone. Add cabbage, carrots, turnip, beets, garlic and onion chopped into 1/2 inch pieces as well as 1/2 pint of Fennel Beet Krazy Kraut.

Return to boil and then simmer for one hour or more.

Remove soup bone and shake out marrow into soup. Chop and add beet greens and fennel bulb.

Return to boil and let cool to below 113 degrees.

Add salt and agave nectar (optional) to desired flavor. Add rest of kraut jar.

Blend entire pot in commercial blender until creamy.

Serve with dollop of sour cream.

Juniper Caraway Kohlrabi Soup

2 cups kohlrabi, cubed
1/2 cup minced shallots
1/2 c sliced celery
2 Tbsp. butter
1 bay leaf
1/4 tsp. caraway seeds (toasted)
5 cups veggie broth
1 cup left over mashed potato/baked potato
Handful of parsley leaves
4 oz package of traditional goat cheese
1 cup Krazy Kraut Juniper Caraway
Salt and pepper to taste
1/2 tsp. lemon juice
(Serves 4)

Saute shallots in butter on medium heat for 5 minutes. Add caraway seeds, saute till fragrant. Add the celery and continue to saute for several minutes.

Next, pour in the veggie broth, bay leaf and kohlrabi. Bring to a boil and reduce heat to simmer.

Simmer covered until kohlrabi pierces easily with a fork. Remove bay leaf.

Place soup in a blender and blend till creamy.

Return to pot and add lemon juice, mashed/baked potatoes, goat cheese, and parsley leaves. Stir and heat until warm.

Salt and pepper too taste. Ladle into soup bowls and when cool enough to taste (113 degrees) add Krazy Kraut Juniper Caraway.

Enjoy with friends!

Probiotic Kim Chee Hawaiian Pizza

Capicola Ham
Fresh Pineapple pieces
Any white cheese (mozzarella, provolone, gorgonzola, or even pepper jack)
Your favorite premade pizza crust or dough

Cook Pizza as you would normally, topping with the ham, pineapple, and cheese.  

Once out of oven, sprinkle pizza with 6-8 ounces Krazy Kim Chee. Enjoy!

Krazy Kim Chee Probiotic Coconut Soup (similar to a Thai Red Curry Tom Ka soup)

1-2 “young Thai” coconut ( from Asian grocery or Healthfood Store)
1-2 large can coconut milk (full fat)
1 fresh pineapple (canned works too)
Diced bell pepper (optional)
Chopped cherry tomatoes (optional)
Mushrooms, thinly sliced (optional)
Farm-raised chicken, beef, or sustainably-harvested shrimp/prawns (optional)
Small bunch of fresh cilantro
3-4 limes
1-2 green onions
One pint of Krazy Kraut Krazy Kim Chee (or Krazy Kraut Krazy Kurry)

Open coconut with hacksaw or large knife (see instructions online), and scrape out the coconut. Empty contents into blender with 1-2 cans coconut milk and blend until creamy.

Boil 1 quart of water in large soup pot. Add chopped mushrooms, bell pepper, chopped pineapple, any meats (thinly sliced) and lime juice and turn down to simmer for 5-10 minutes.

Add  the blended coconuts, jar of Krazy Kim Chee Krazy Kraut, and lightly simmer until warmed IF NECESSARY.

If still warm just serve (not above 112 degrees F to protect the probiotics in the Kim Chee).

Top with chopped cilantro and green onions, can also add fish sauce or more hot sauce to your desired spiciness.

Krazy Kraut Avocado Sauerkraut Nori Rolls (Watch the video!)

Avocado, thinly sliced
Any Krazy Kraut fermented kraut (we find that Krazy Kim Chee works best)
Cucumber (cut into thin strips)
Carrots (cut into thin strips)
Daikon radish (cut into thin strips)
Tempeh (cut into thin strips)
Ginger and garlic (cut into thin matchsticks)
Mixed greens, and/or fresh sprouts (optional)
Umeboshi Plum Paste (optional, deliciously sour)
Wasabi Paste (optional, super spicyy/decongesting)
Nori sheets

1.Have a nori sheet in front of you, shiny side down, with the lines running horizontally.

2. Place layers of ingredients, starting with the sliced avocado near the bottom of the nori sheets (you could also mash the avocado and spread it on. Leftover guacamole works great for this!)

3. Add kraut layer and then greens, sprouts, cucumber, carrots, daikon, tempeh, ginger, garlic, and a small amount of the Umeboshi paste and wasabi paste spread on the nori.

4. Starting at the bottom, roll everything in the nori tightly to create a firm roll. Bamboo Nori mats help with this (available at Asian groceries). Dab a little water or tamari on the top to help the nori stick and form a roll. This step takes practice, so you may want to watch videos online.

5.Slice crosswise into six pieces with a very sharp knife (dipped in water to reduce friction).

Watch Andy make this recipe in our video!

Probiotic Curry Massaged Kale Salad Dressing

1 Pint Krazy Kraut Krazy Kurry kraut juice
Pulp and seeds from 2-3 lemons
1 cup cold processed unrefined oil
1-2 Tbsp. Agave Nectar

Salad greens (two large bunches)
Chopped Kale (de-ribbed if ribs are thick)
Shredded red/green cabbage (½ small cabbage each)
2 lbs Turnips/carrots (sliced into “fries”)
4-5 medium Shitakes (sliced)
5-7 Nori sheets (cut into strips)
2-3 cups lentil sprouts
1 cup mustard seed sprouts

Mix all Salad, add Dressing.

Massage with hands until kale reaches desired tenderness.

New Year’s Day Good Luck Probiotic Pork Chops with Krazy Kraut

Marinate pork chops overnight in half a jar of Juniper Caraway Krazy Kraut.
Bake until done, add rest of kraut jar on top just before serving.

Hungarian New Year’s Day Good Luck Probiotic Krazy Kraut Soup

3 slices bacon
1 small onion chopped
1 teaspoon paprika
4 cups water
1 green pepper seeded, deribbed, and sliced
16 ounces Juniper Caraway, Original Dill, or Kurry/Kim Chee can be used as well.
1 tablespoon flour(optional)
1 cup sour cream, plus sour cream for accompaniment
1/2 pound spicy smoked sausage thinly sliced

In a heavy sauce pan over medium-high heat, brown bacon, sausage. and onion and saute until translucent (about 5 minutes)
Add paprika, the water, and green pepper, barely return to boil, then reduce and simmer for 10-15.
In a small bowl stir together flour, 1 cup sour cream, a pint of Krazy Kim Chee, Krazy Kurry, or another Krazy Kraut. Whisk mixture into soup.

Rewarm if necessary to serving temperature (112 degrees or less) while stirring (do not boil).

To serve, ladle into soup bowls and serve immediately.

Place dollup of sour cream in each bowl.

Dutch Kraut Probiotic Mash Potatoes or Turnips

A simple yet DELICIOUS!! recipe.

Steam potatoes or turnips, let them cool for 15-20 minutes, until a thermometer reads less than 113 when inserted.
Mash the potatoes or turnips and add in Juniper Caraway Krazy Kraut (or your favorite variety).
Add organic butter, sour cream, and fresh ground pepper.

Simple Summer/Cold (or Winter/Warm) Probiotic Potato Salad

3-5 pounds organic Local Potatoes (Red Pontiacs work best, Sweet Potatoes also very good)
1 cup organic live culture sour cream
1 cup organic live culture yoghurt
1 pint live culture Krazy Kraut (Krazy Kurry or Juniper Caraway are my favs, any variety works)


Cube potatoes into half inch cubes, leave peels on, that’s where the vitamins are(!) (greening of skins can be avoided by storing potatoes in the dark). Place potatoes in boiling water until just barely done where a fork easily slides through but stil slightly firm, not yet well-done/”soggy”.

Immediately strain and run under cold water, until cooled to room temp ( or for a “warm” potato salad until a thermometer reads less than 113 degrees when inserted) Mix sour cream, yoghurt, and 1/2 to an entire pint of any Krazy Kraut in large bowl. Add potatoes and gently fold until mixed together. Eat and enjoy all the probiotic microbes!!

Grass-fed Burger with Goat Chevre, Krazy Kraut, and Shitakes

Small organic farm grass-fed beef
Goat Chevre
Organic Shitake mushrooms
Krazy Kraut Juniper Caraway Kraut


Toast Bun

Add Cheese and Krazy Kraut Juniper Caraway (or your favorite).