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Crazy Good

Ask Andy Reed a simple question—like why he decided to start a line of organic fermented krauts under the label Krazy Kraut– and it’s unlikely you’ll get a simple answer. Chalk it up to Reed’s exhaustive science background studying molecular cell biology and how plants interact with human physiology, plus the time he spent as an acupuncturist specializing in oncology. It was the latter that connected the dots of his career. “All along the way, I was carrying this knowledge of medicinal benefits of plants in humans,” he says.

When he started offering homemade fermented vegetables packed with naturally occurring probiotics to his patients, he found these foods helped lessen side effects of chemo and radiation. “People felt a lot better when taking these fermented veggie and spice combinations,” he says. “And I thought, ‘Wow, I could affect way more people by creating a product line than I can working one on one with individuals.’ “

Krazy Kraut hit the Columbus market in 2014 and was an immediate success at the Worthington Farmers Market and the former Clintonville Community Market. Now, Reed’s krauts–five unpasteurized, naturally fermented krauts including Original Dill, Krazy Kurry, Krazy Kim Chee (a Tibetan-style kimchee), Fennel Beet and Juniper Caraway (traditional German-style)–are available at area grocery stores, including Whole Foods, Lucky’s, Weiland’s Market and The Hills Market for roughly $10 a pint.

While Reed subs his kraut in for salad dressing, he adds that it’s also good on sandwiches, brats and burgers, or Asian foods like stir fry or nori rolls. “It’s really good on pretty much everything you make.” he says.

-Beth Stallings, Columbus Monthly

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  1. Andy Reed

    Great article!!

  2. Rebecca Allman

    Did Kroger stop carrying your product?

    • Andy Reed

      Glad you choose our products. We will be back on Kroger shelves by end of November 2017, for now you can try WFoods Dublin or Easton.


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